Agriheat electric Farm Boiler

Variably adjustable capacity

Affordable quality boiler

Our boilers are made of high-quality stainless steel

Heating element

A special ElectroHeat 95˚C HT element


Sun thermal solar (HeatPipes) on the boiler optional

Using heat

Use of heat from the milk cooling tank (WTW) is possible

Without gas, now fully electric!

Now that the plans of the government are becoming more concrete and the gas tap is eventually closed, we now have the alternative to gas-fired hot water systems.  The AgriHeat Electric Boiler is the same trusted boiler: hot water guarantee as you are used to from us, but fully electric.

Responding to the hot water demand

Our gas systems are extremely comfortable and have a relatively short heating time at peak demand. This short heating time is somewhat more complicated with a standard electric boiler. It is therefore important to act on this in good time. With the addition of a 60-hour timer, hot water is guaranteed when it is needed: once every three days for rinsing the milk tank. In this way we can electrically meet the peaks in hot water demand without any problems. If your planning and operational management are in line, your hot water demand will run smoothly.


By equipping the AgriHeat Electric boiler with heat recovery, you transfer the heat from the milk to your boiler. Cooled milk, heated water. Just as it should be. The sun can also help to achieve the desired temperatures. The moment solar thermal is added to the electric boiler, the system becomes eligible and the solar installation introduces the first significant temperature increase in the water. The ElectroHeat will do the rest to provide you with water at the right temperature, at the right time.

ReHeat ElectroHeat Element (EHE-HT)

Exceptional quality

Specially developed for ReHeat: a high-quality Cronifer stainless steel element for dairy farming. This Swiss-made element is characterized by a compact model with sophisticated power per cm2 and a 95-degree thermostat (HT version). The specially treated and processed stainless steel heating element is insensitive to oxidation and pitting corrosion. Many years of research and testing have led to this particular element with its unique properties for dairy farming.

Do you have an AgriHeat – Farm Gas Boiler?

Do you have a gas-fired AgriHeat system and do you want this  convert to fully electric?

No problem! We convert your system into a fully electrical system relatively easily.

Options for the AgriHeat Electric Boiler

ReSolar Heatpipes

With heatpipes from ReSolar, the water in the Electroboiler is heated by means of the sun. Your ElectroHeat no longer has to do what the sun does. The subsidies for solar thermal are so generous that the costs for solar are sometimes almost completely covered.

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60 hour timer

This smart timer ensures that once every three days the boiler has sufficient temperature to clean the milk tank after emptying.

Day Clock for ElectroHeat Element

This timer allows the sun to do its job and switches off the ElectroHeat as soon as it is possible. Of course you are assured that the ElectroHeat switches on at the right time.

stainless steel mounting frame

With the handy tripod frame you keep your Electric boiler free of the ground, you prevent dirt build-up and the floor under the boiler remains clean. In addition, the boiler can be leveled on an uneven surface.

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Heat recovery

Cool milk, heat water. Use the heat from the milk to heat your water through HRV.
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Second ElectroHeat Element

In combination with the 60-hour timer it is possible to use a second ElectroHeat. This provides extra capacity and can overrule the sun when it is needed.
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kWh Meter

This meter provides insight into the consumption of the Electric boiler: the power consumption is displayed and tracked.

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