Save between 45 and 90% on your energy consumption with the Farm Boiler

The boiler for the farm: AgriHeat

Why a boiler especially for farms and dairy farmers? A regular boiler is not set up for peaks and dips in the use of warm or hot water and keeps the temperature at 85 degrees continuously. On the farm you only need a lot of hot water for a few activities. For example, when cleaning your milking installation. Our boiler for the farm offers the solution for loss of downtime and saves enormously on energy costs!

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Investing now means immediate savings!

As an agricultural entrepreneur you have to deal with strict laws and regulations in many areas. Environmental and hygiene regulations involve significant costs, including energy costs. Cost management is necessary. Energy is a constantly increasing cost item. Reducing energy consumption therefore yields good money.

How can you save?

With the AgriHeat Farm Boiler from ReHeat you save considerably on your energy costs because you do not have to keep water at 85°C in stock. You keep water at 50°C in stock and thus limit the loss of downtime to a minimum. Only when your milking installation is cleaned is the water heated to 80-85°C by a special reheater. 

Combining means extra savings.

An important advantage of the AgriHeat farm boiler is that you can easily combine it with solar collectors or a heat recovery system on your milk cooling. Then you save on both sides! You can also heat a room or floor by adding a central heating kit. We work together with Resolar BV for our solar collector installations. Resolar BV is an importer and wholesaler of solar thermal components. Our systems are characterized by high yields and a long service life.

How much can you save?

Depending on your existing installation, you can save between 45% and 90% on your energy consumption annually. Bring your annual accounts. Calculate! Depending on the size of your hot water need, you can save thousands of euros on an annual basis.


Since the beginning of 2015, applying for the EIA of the ReHeat farm boiler by the dairy farmer or the accountant has become a lot easier. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency has assigned a unique number to the farm boiler. This resulted in a positive review  for the high-temperature boiler and has led to inclusion on the energy-saving measures list under code 220115. This makes applying for an EIA a lot easier.

Low standstill losses

The Farm boiler is well insulated to reduce downtime loss.

Back mixing unnecessary

With pre-rinsing, back-mixing of the cleaning is unnecessary.

Using heat

Use of heat from the milk cooling tank (WTW) is possible.


Sun thermal solar (HeatPipes) on the boiler optional

Extra savings with a combined system

The AgriHeat Farm Boiler can be combined with the ReSolar heat pipe collector. This consists of 24 glass tubes of borosilcate glass placed side by side. The space between the double glass is vacuum so that the heat is retained extremely well (think of a thermos flask). A special absorber coating has been applied to the inner wall, which converts infrared radiation into heat in diffuse light (clouds). The top copper end of the Heat Pipe is slid into the collector and the heat is released to the solar fluid flowing past, which in turn transfers the heat to a heat exchanger in the boiler vessel. Even if it is 20 degrees below zero, this collector supplies warm water with sufficient radiation.

From practice

AgriHeat is the only original Farm boiler. As a developer of this system, we understand better than anyone where the profit can be made.

Van Werven (Camps)

This dairy farmer has switched to two milking robots. To limit energy consumption, Van Werven has opted for an AgriHeat. Only the water of 85°C required for main cleaning is reheated on site. All other hot water (55°C) is made super HR.

Savings: 52%  learn more


The Wadden Islands probably have the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands. The choice to link this system to ReSolar HeatPipes was therefore not that difficult.

Savings: 65%

Van Weperen (Appelscha)

After renovation of the milking parlor, Van Weperen opted for an AgriHeat 750 stainless steel Duovat WTW. The heat recovery from the milk in the AgriHeat is integrated in this vessel. By combining 2 boilers in 1, Van Weperen has saved a lot on purchase, so that the payback time of the installation falls within 3 years.

Savings: 73%

AgriHeat Farm Boilers

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