Energy savings from 40% onward

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Falling Cost

Innovative system with gas savings ranging from 40% to 90%

Variably adjustable

Smart controller for matching boiler capacity to user occupancy

Payback  time

Due to the high savings (up to 90%), the investment is quickly earned back


Sun thermal solar (HeatPipes) on the boiler optional

Investing now means immediate savings!

As an entrepreneur or organization you have to deal with strict laws and regulations in many areas. Environmental and hygiene regulations involve significant costs, including energy costs. Cost management is necessary. Energy is a constantly increasing cost item. Reducing energy consumption therefore yields good money.

How can you save? With the FlexHeat energy-saving boiler from ReHeat you save considerably on your energy costs. This is because the installation cleverly anticipates peak consumption. By buffering solar heat in the excellently insulated boilers, we can supply a large amount of hot sanitary water at certain times with low gas consumption. By integrating the circulation pipe into the boiler, the microprocessor checks the entire installation for thermal disinfection (legionella). This microprocessor records this in the memory.

Combining means extra savings! An important advantage of the FlexHeat boiler is that you can easily combine systems. When we combine solar collectors (Heatpipes) that produce hot water with the FlexHeat, the water is first heated by the sun and supplemented if necessary by the FlexHeat.

How much can you save? Depending on your existing installation, you can save between 45% and 90% on your energy consumption annually. Bring your annual accounts. Calculate! Depending on the size of your hot water need, you can save thousands of euros on an annual basis.

Security and Control As standard, your hot water system is equipped with a control that makes it possible to log and monitor temperatures.

To demand The FlexHeat complies with the NEN 1006 standard,  Water worktops and the  ISSO publications 55.1 and 55.2  (legionella control)

How can you save?

Fill in the form and we will make a company-specific price proposal. This gives you a clear overview of current (energy) costs, investment and ultimate savings.

    Variably adjustable capacity

    Why would you want to keep the entire boiler tank at the right temperature, while there is only a small need for hot water (for example outside the high season)? With the FlexHeat you can keep part of the water at the right temperature with a lower number of visitors. As a result, less energy is needed to heat the water and to keep it at the right temperature.

    HR (High Efficiency) instead of VR (Improved Efficiency) To make the FlexHeat operate as energy-efficiently as possible, you can be assured that when the geyser needs to switch on, it does so maximally in the high efficiency range.

    Solar collectors, thermal solar (HeatPipes)

    Optionally, solar collectors can be added to the FlexHeat. These so-called heat pipes ensure that hot water is generated directly from the sun and stored in the boiler. This option gives a very large extra saving on your energy bill.

    This combination with heatpipes is especially suitable for the recreational sector  a perfect solution. In the high season, the demand for hot water is highest and we also have the most hours of sunshine. Substantial subsidies are available for adding these solar collectors.

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