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FlexHeat Brochure

The FlexHeat has been specially developed for all sanitary areas. Think of camping, swimming pool, bungalow park, sports complex or health center


FlexHeat Configurations

This brochure explains the exact operation of the different FlexHeat configurations. This shows the versatility of the system and the different saving methods become clear.


AgriHeat Brochure

As an agricultural entrepreneur you have to deal with strict laws and regulations in many areas. Due to these regulations, energy costs can rise considerably. Reducing energy consumption then yields good money.


AgriHeat Electric boiler

Now that the plans of the government are becoming more concrete and the gas tap is eventually closed, we now have the alternative to gas-fired hot water systems. The AgriHeat Electric Boiler is the same trusted boiler: hot water guarantee as you are used to from us, but fully electric.


Solar support

Want to save even more? Is that possible? Our systems are suitable for connection to HeatPipes (Resolar), which means that you can save up to 90%

O’so Easy Solar Water Heaters

With the O’SO Easy you do not opt for individual components, but for a semi-finished product. This smart and prefabricated stainless steel solar water heater requires three connections; that’s it. O’SO Easy.


ReHeat Heat Pipes

A ReHeat solar collector consists of twenty-four or thirty side-by-side borosilicate glass tubes. Inside, a vacuum situation has been created, which retains the heat extremely well. You may be familiar with this principle from the thermos flask.


Resolar Solar Water Heaters

Clear brochure, with all necessary or desirable products for a solid solar boiler system.


TC Heatpipe

The most new innovation from ReSolar is at the heart of the Heatpipe, we call it the Thermo Controlled Heatpipe.


Boiler vessels

View our boiler vessels here!

Drinking water boiler Brochure

High efficiency boiler with complex corrosion protection realized by means of titanium enamel and anode protection.


Hygiene Boiler Brochure

ReHeat fresh water boilers meet the highest requirements of drinking water hygiene and energy efficiency. The construction of this water heaters is fundamentally different from conventional, tap water boilers.


Heat pump boiler Brochure

For greater efficiency, heat pumps work with the lowest possible temperature differences. The heat pump ReHeat combination boilers are specially designed to: achieve maximum efficiency with their extremely large double heat exchanger surface.


OSO Boiler Vessels

Reheat is dealer of Oso Hot water boilers

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