New Concept  Prefab Solar Water Heater O’so Easy

With this prefab solar water heater you will not only save on the gas bill, but also on installation time. The pump set and expansion vessel are pre-assembled together with the regulator, concealed under an extra cover.

We have even developed a unique flexible pipe , in which hot and cold water are combined in one hose. For example, minimal installation parts are visible and the complete installation is installed in an extremely short time .

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    save more than 50% on assembly time

    Only connect piping with the O’so-Easy, because all components are already integrated in the boiler. Time-saving, because instead of dozens of couplings, only three pipes can now be connected.

    Stainless steel Maintenance-friendly

    The O’so Easy requires no annual inspection to preserve the enamel layer and boiler steel and is unsurpassed in corrosion resistance.

    Integrated components

    Where with standard solar boilers the necessary components are visible around the boiler, with the O’so Easy these are already integrated in the boiler vessel. This means invisible from the outside, but powerful from the inside.

    big space saving

    Wall and floor space is saved by integrating all necessary fittings into the boiler.

    Prefab Solar Water Heater O’so Easy

    As one of the largest Dutch suppliers of solar boilers and hot water systems, we know it better than anyone: every solar boiler is a project. All the separate components make the whole complex and time-consuming. Your customer, the end user, will notice this on the invoice. Add to that the appalling shortage of professionals and it is clear: the solar water heater is due for renewal. With the O’SO Easy you do not opt for individual components, but for a semi-finished product. This smart and prefab stainless steel solar water heater needs to connect three pipes; that’s it. O’SO Easy.

    With an O’so Easy, both the installer and the customer benefit in the broadest sense of the word. Compared to the traditional solar boiler, in which the solar pump set, expansion vessel, overflow valve, inlet combination and other components are mounted separately, these components are integrated in the boiler with the O’so Easy. This not only results in a very sleek finish, it also offers considerable savings in assembly time. The Oso-Easy is available in 150, 200 and 300 liters and is standard made of stainless steel. These high-quality boilers are light in weight and therefore health-friendly. In addition, it is also maintenance-free!

    All benefits at a glance!

    Very light in weight: stainless steel boiler

    Our stainless steel boilers are light in weight and therefore occupational health and safety friendly. From now on, the installer will be in charge of stairwells and narrow (vlizo) stairs.

    Always certainty

    The O’so Easy is always equipped with an electric element, which makes it possible to electrically reheat tap water on dark days. 

    Patented Flexible Concentric Pipe Set

    By combining the supply and discharge of water in a concentric pipe, one pipe goes from the boiler to your postheater. The pipe is made to measure and you do not need any special tools for installation. 

    Available in 150, 200 and 300 liters

    The right boiler for the right application. We can supply the appropriate O’so-Easy water heater for every household, all perfectly insulated.

    Solar collectors, thermal solar (HeatPipes)

    Optionally, solar collectors can be added to the O’so Easy. These so-called heat pipes ensure that hot water is generated directly from the sun and stored in the boiler. This option gives a very large extra saving on your energy bill.

    This combination with heatpipes is especially suitable for the recreational sector  a perfect solution. In the high season, the demand for hot water is highest and we also have the most hours of sunshine. Substantial subsidies are available for adding these solar collectors.

    Experience the simplicity of the Prefab O’so Easy

    Regular solar water heater

    Prefab O’so Easy solar water heater

    The prefab solar boiler set

    The most complete solar water heater in Europe

    With its range of solar boilers, ReHeat has the most complete solar boilers in Europe. This implies  that all supplies are included with the kit.

    In addition to the boiler, collectors, pump set, regulator and piping, also all necessary couplings, appendages and roof mounting material. Not just the essentials, but complete up to and including the last heat shrink. Download the brochure

    Prefab O’so Easy solar water heater

    Watch this video and you will immediately understand why the prefab O’so Easy solar water heater is the right choice.

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