ReSolar Solar Water Heater 4 Persons


The most complete solar boiler package in Europe, with a very detailed installation manual and instructions for commissioning.

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With a solar water heater from ReSolar you opt for a very complete package, filled with the highest quality materials. The sets are based on the number of people and provide tap water for a family for a large part of the year. With a CV support kit you can also opt for CV support. This achieves the maximum efficiency of the solar water heater.


The solar collector(s) are mounted on the roof and connected with a flexible pipe to the boiler tank, which is placed somewhere in the house. Solar fluid runs through the pipework, which transfers the heat from the collectors to the boiler. This liquid is only pumped around when there is sufficient daylight or sunlight. As soon as the boiler has reached a sufficient temperature, the pump switches off and you are assured of free hot water.

Installation friendly

ReHeat’s solar water heater packages are the most complete available on the market. No worries about mismatched parts, or forgotten components. With one order you have the complete solar water heater package, including the desired roof mounting materials. No partial deliveries or backorders. You also significantly reduce indirect costs by purchasing a complete solar water heater package from ReHeat.

Lowest costs per kWh!

You get the amount of vacuum tubes you need for your hot water needs. At ReHeat we do not save on the number of heat pipes and materials in order to supply the cheapest solar water heater.

Quality, service and cost reduction

ReHeat delivers quality, service and cost reduction by:

High-quality materials:
  • Thermal solar collectors with heat pipes from the A-brand Resolar
  • Aluminum roof attachment of your choice (Solar Construct), choice of tiled roof, flat roof, corrugated iron or sandwich panel
  • Solar pump station with filling device (Italian manufacture)
  • Temperature difference control (German manufacture)
  • Solar Expansion Tank (Varem) + suspension bracket
  • Flexible stainless steel pipe set, insulated and with sensor wire) for between the boiler and collector
  • Click links (Anamet)
  • Solar fluid (German manufacturer)
  • Thermal mixer 60°C (Duco) and inlet combination
  • Boiler vessels steel (standard) or stainless steel (optional), both of European manufacture
  • All links and appendages
  • CV support kit (optional)
  • Comprehensive installation and commissioning instructions
  • Telephonic support
  • Commissioning on request
Cost reduction:
  • One stop shopping, which means no unnecessary logistics movements
  • Work preparation time is reduced to zero, we have put together the package for you
  • 1 item for the complete solar water heater
  • 1 delivery for the complete package, no partial deliveries, so no warehouse search
  • Always complete on the job
  • Can be delivered on location
  • Installation-friendly materials such as the Click couplings for the stainless steel solar hose and roof mounting material

Additional information

Flexible Spiral Tube

15 meters, 20 meters

Boiler vessel 300 liters

Standing model, 2 spirals, Steel, Landscape model, 2 spirals, Steel

Roof mounting system

tile roof, Flat roof, Corrugated roof, Sandwich panel roof


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