Solar Water Heater Packages

If you want a solar water heater that provides a good base of hot water, then the Economy package is the right choice. If the desire is to enjoy hot water from a solar water heater as early as possible in the spring to as late as possible in the fall, then a premium package is the ideal choice. A premium package features additional heat pipe collectors. These can bring the storage vessel up to temperature even during days with low daylight hours. With a premium package, you extend the solar water heater’s season every year.

Economy solar water heaters provide you with maximum value for your money. The capacity of heatpipe solar collectors is economically tuned to maximize heating the contents of the boiler during the summer months. In early spring and fall, the existing domestic hot water heater automatically switches on to achieve the desired temperature. With the basic control, you can easily read the yield.

Premium solar water heaters have a solar collector capacity that is wider than the economy version. This advances and extends the season when delicious hot tap water can be enjoyed without having to switch on the existing hot water heater. This saves even more on energy costs. Also, with the ample heat pipe collector capacity, the boiler tank is up to temperature faster. In addition, the included comprehensive control provides data logging capability.

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