Saving energy is encouraged by the government!

Since 2016, there are several subsidy schemes for responsible energy use. Our systems comply with the relevant rules and in many cases a government subsidy is possible.

Small-scale Investment Deduction (KIA)

If you invest in business assets during a fiscal year, you may be eligible for the small-scale investment deduction (KIA). The business assets you invest in must be eligible for the investment deduction. The amount of the small-scale investment deduction depends on the amount invested in the fiscal year.

Energy Investment Allowance (EIA)

Are you an entrepreneur investing in energy-saving techniques or renewable energy? Then under certain conditions you can make use of the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA). Your investment offers a double advantage: your energy costs go down and you pay less income or corporation tax.

With the EIA, you can deduct an additional 54.5% of investment costs from taxable profit. The direct financial benefit depends on the tax rate; it averages 13.5% of the approved investment costs. You can apply the EIA in addition to the “regular” investment deduction. Reheat has its own certification code from the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) for the AgriHeat and the FlexHeat (220115). This only applies to ReHeat installations.

Sustainable Energy Investment Subsidy (ISDE).

With this grant, you can get a decent allowance for the purchase of solar collectors. This is a one-time distributed grant. ReHeat will take care of the grant process for you. For certain solar thermal installations, there is sometimes an allowance of almost half of the installation.

Application form ISDE subsidy

Subsidy pathway self-administered? Download the step-by-step plan below to apply for your grant yourself
Download roadmap private individual
Download roadmap business application Download roadmap business adoption
Complete the form below if you would like ReHeat to handle the grant process.
  • Individual cost €60.
  • Cost business €120.

Download ISDE application form

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