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Our industry is constantly changing and innovations follow each other in rapid succession. Follow the latest news from the market, but also the latest developments at Reheat!

Efficiency in Action: With Prefab Solar Collectors, we make meters!

Watch our latest video on the innovative concept of prefabricated solar collectors called ReFab. In this video, we dive deeper into how prefabricated delivery of solar collectors can significantly improve[…]

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Installation trade days Hardenberg

ReHeat will be present at two locations (booth numbers 314v & 257) during Installation Trade Days on September 12, 13 and 14 and is the place where installation industry professionals[…]

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Temperature Controlled

Overheating protection for Solar Collectors! The most new innovation from ReSolar is at the heart of the Heatpipe, we call it the Thermo Controlled Heatpipe. As the name suggests, a[…]

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Employee Marketing

Who is ReHeat? Reheat Hot Water Systems is a nationwide wholesaler, in sustainable energy-saving hot water systems. Systems are sold, assembled and shipped to our installers on a daily basis.[…]

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Thermo Controlled Heat Pipe

The latest innovation from Resolar is at the heart of the Heatpipe. We call it the Thermo Controlled Heatpipe. As the name suggests, a thermal temperature protection is integrated here.


Unlike other mechanical protections, our protection is in the fluid that moves (flows) in the Heatpipe.

While the temperature in the traditional Heatpipe can easily rise to 250┬░C, the renewed Thermo Controlled Heatpipe stops at 110┬░C. KNOWING MORE

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