Energie besparende Heetwater Systemen

The original farm boiler

The hot water appliance with maximum energy savings. Optionally with solar heat support through thermal solar for even greater savings


Recreation, sport & well-being

Hot water supply, capacity adjustable according to occupancy. Optionally with solar heat support through thermal solar for maximum savings


solar heat

Temperature-limited heat pipes for maximum performance and therefore maximum yield, without the risk of overheating


Prefab Solar Water Heater

ReHeat is a dealer of OSO boilers and has developed a wonderful addition for this, resulting in a prefab boiler that is easy to connect.


Boiler Wholesale

ReHeat has an extensive range of steel enamelled and stainless steel boilers in stock.

Latest news

Our industry is constantly changing and innovations follow each other in rapid succession. Follow the latest news from the market, but also the latest developments at Reheat!

Sustainably Heated

On 12, 13 and 14 April we will be present during Sustainably Heated in Expo Haarlemmermeer.

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Martini Hospital Groningen

  First phase Watch below in two minutes, the first phase of the construction of a complete solar boiler system. This first phase consists of 12 CPC Resolar Heatpipe racks[…]

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Market results

Our customers speak.

“The swimming pool in Valthermond is run by volunteers. A generous sponsor wanted to pay for the 1 year energy bill. After consultation, the volunteers decided to invest that money in a ReHeat system. The pool water, showers and canteen are now heated with a FlexHeat and 480 ReHeat pipes.”

Swimming pool Valthermond
The Omme-Zwaoi

“We actually wanted to connect a wood stove to the underfloor heating in the house and heard about ReHeat through an acquaintance. The FlexHeat and ReHeat Pipes save a lot of gas. As it seems now, we save more than half in the summer. In the winter we no longer have to use gas at all, then the ReHeat Pipes keep the toilet room frost-free.”

Dries and Simmy de Vries

“The FlexHeat in combination with robust HeatPipes, which can take a beating, heats the showers and the sports canteen. During the day the water is heated and at the end of the afternoon and in the evening you can shower with water heated by the sun. Due to the combination with a FlexHeat reheater, no one is under a cold shower.”

Sports park De Braak

Thermo Controlled Heat Pipe

The latest innovation from Resolar is at the heart of the Heatpipe. We call it the Thermo Controlled Heatpipe. As the name suggests, a thermal temperature protection is integrated here.


Unlike other mechanical protections, our protection is in the fluid that moves (flows) in the Heatpipe.

While the temperature in the traditional Heatpipe can easily rise to 250°C, the renewed Thermo Controlled Heatpipe stops at 110°C. KNOWING MORE

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