Thermo Controlled Heat Pipe

Overheating protection

Overheating protection

Place more power

Favorable angle of inclination

Thermo Controlled Heat Pipe

The most new innovation from ReSolar is at the heart of the Heatpipe, we call it the Thermo Controlled Heatpipe. As the name suggests, a thermal temperature protection is integrated here.  Unlike other mechanical protections, our protection is in the fluid that moves (flows) in the Heatpipe.
While the temperature in the traditional Heatpipe can easily rise to 250°C, the renewed Thermo Controlled Heatpipe stops at 110°C. As soon as this temperature is reached, the inside of the Heatpipe boils dry, so that the operation stops. In short, no protection in mechanical parts, but thermal in the core of the Heatpipe.

Advantages Thermo Controlled Heatpipe

1. Overheating Protection

Because there will be no overheating, there is no stagnation in the system. No continuously rising temperatures brings peace and relaxation at home and on vacation.

2. Put more power for more power in winter

The temperature protection makes it possible to place more power on a boiler. Normally this results in overheating and stagnation in the system. That is a thing of the past with the Thermo Controlled Heatpipe from ReSolar.

3. Other tilt angle 5° to 90°

The renewed Heatpipe can be placed at a smaller angle of at least 5° (i.e. almost horizontal) and will result in a sleeker appearance on the home or garage.

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